Mallorca lifting the restrictions! Yacht Charter possible from June!

Mallorca just announced that from the Middle of June all restrictions which are effecting yacht charter industry will be lifted!

When can I get back to my boat and what plans should I make for this summer?

At least regarding the reopening of the ports in Spain, there has been relative clarity since yesterday !

In accordance with the Spanish government’s 4-step timetable for the exit from the corona-related lockdown, the ministry responsible for the activities of the sports harbours and the nautical sector has now announced the following step-by-step plan to reopen the sector:

Phase 0                from May 4th
Access to the port and boats is allowed to carry out a security and technical condition check. This applies to only 1 person per boat and only if the owner lives in the same municipality of the port (geographical restriction of the traffic ).

The performance of sailing as an individual sport for the corresponding boat classes is permitted.

Phase 1                from May 11th
Leaving the harbour with boats as a sport and leisure activity reduced to small groups on board (family, same household) is generally permitted.

Geographical restrictions apply, the province of the home port must not be left.

Phase 2                from the beginning of June
The reduction to small groups is lifted. The geographical restrictions on the respective province apply. Even boat owners who live outside the municipality of the port are now allowed to go to their boats.

Phase 3                from mid-June
All geographical restrictions are removed.

Unrestricted access to the ports and boats, all nautical activities including charter are possible in compliance with the applicable hygiene regulations.
What does this mean specifically for foreign owners who have their boats in spanish marinas?
The gradual reopening of the marinas starts immediately and with geographic restrictions it is possible to leave harbours with boats starting  May 11th.

From the beginning of June, access to the marina and boats will also be permitted to people who do not reside in the same municipality of the port.

When each foreign owner can go back to his boat depends only on the travel restrictions of the respective country of origin and the reopening of the Spanish borders for individual trips. It can be assumed that this will not be possible before mid-June.

Use of the boat and unrestricted entry and exit will then be possible.

So – be ready to get back on the water!

Are you ready?

Mallorca is getting ready!
Motor yacht charter – the safest way to spend the holiday!